Mission Statement

Your Home and Business Power Source


Our Mission:

We provide customers with high quality generators and high value services. We are the leading company in our region that specializes in turn-key generator sales, service, installation and repair.

We offer our products tailored to meet your demands and to be reliable when the need arises. Our customers learn the difference between low price and high quality without having to pay for the experience.

Generator Sales and Service for All of New Hampshire, Maine, and Massachusetts

The Generator Connection, Inc. provides complete generator solutions including sizing the generator, delivery, complete installation by our licensed electricians, obtaining necessary permits, preventative maintenance, 24/7 emergency repair service, replacement parts and accessories.

The Generator Connection, Inc.
1057 Calef Highway
Barrington, NH 03825
Office: 1-603-664-4004
Fax: 1(603) 905-9024