Portable Generators

Winco Logo
Winco Portable’s Featuring:
– Honda Engines
– Tri-Fuel Units Running On:
Propane, Natural Gas & Gasoline
– Remote Start Capabilities
– Industrial Units w/ Fuel Saver
– Diesel Power

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Honda Model
Honda Logo
Honda Portable’s Featuring:
– Honda Engines
– Inverter Technology
– Super Quiet Models
– Automatic Choke
– Remote & Auto Start Capabilities

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Both Winco & Honda Models are compatible with the New Englander Edition enclosure for year round outdoor storage.

Fuel Types: 

  • Gasoline: Gasoline which is the conventional fuel type for portable generators due to it’s ease of access and many portables run great on gasoline. However gasoline has a limited shelf life and now with the more Ethanol added to gasoline these days fuel stabilizer is crucial to prevent the fuel from gelling up.
  • Liquid Propane (LP): Propane is quickly becoming a favorite in portable generators for homeowners as it has a nearly unlimited shelf life and you can tap into your existing propane tanks allowing for extended run times without refueling. Another advantage is not having to use a choke like with gasoline allowing for remote start capabilities.
  • Natural Gas (NG): Natural gas is becoming another favorite in portables with all the same advantages of propane. Second to propane because of its lack of availability in certain areas.
  • Diesel Fuel: Diesel fuel is primarily used in larger commercial units, it is ideal for applications where the unit will run for extended or frequent hours. We have Diesel generators as small as 6,000 Watts available.
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