Annual Maintenance

Service, Repair & Installation

The importance of proper generator maintenance cannot be stressed enough, New England weather, poor reliability of utility power and quite often safety, requires your generator system and transfer switch to be in top shape year round.

Through use and over time, batteries, oils, fluids, spark plugs, belts and hoses begin to deteriorate, valve clearance, ignition timing and frequency need to be adjusted; regular maintenance is the only way to ensure that your standby or portable generator system will perform when your lights go out.

What does The Generator Connection service team do for you?

As a Generator Connection Customer our trained technicians and fully stocked service vehicles ensure that you’re generator will start under any weather condition when you need it the most.

Hassle-free maintenance: We will keep track of and contact you each year to schedule your annual standby or biannual portable generator service, we keep an updated database on all visits to your generator.

Arrive prepared: One of our trained technicians will arrive on time with a fully equipped service vehicle to maintain or repair your generator, the first time around.

Emergency repair service: We offer a 24/7 emergency service with equipped four-wheel drive vehicles ensuring no matter what the weather condition we will be able to meet your need.

Installation: Installation of your standby or portable generator by our licensed electricians.

Rental Generators: If your system is down and your power needs are critical, we have generators available for rent with temporary hook ups, ensuring continuity of day to day life or business.

Replacement parts and Accessories: We offer, install and maintain a variety of replacement parts and accessories for your generator.

Not a current customer? No worries, drop off your generator at our new showroom and service department or give us a call at 603-664-4004 to have a technician come service your generator system on site.

Annual Maintenance Performed on Your Generator System

Generator:(Engine, Alternator & Controls)
1. Change lubrication oil
2. Replace oil filter and inspect base
3. Replace spark plugs (except for diesel units)
4. Inspect ignition coil wires and plug caps.
5. Inspect cooling system, clean fins (air-cooled)
Top off radiator (liquid-cooled up to 1 gallon)
6. Inspect fan guard for condition and security
7. Inspect and clean air filter and pre-cleaner
8. Replace fuel filters (diesel and gasoline)
9. Inspect engine gaskets, breathers and fuel regulation
components for any fuel or oil leakage
10. Inspect and adjust engine belts, hoses and clamps
11. Lubricate governor and carburetor linkage
12. Load test battery and record VDC readings
13. Service battery, add water to electrolyte and clean posts
14. Check and record battery static and running charging rates
15. Inspect engine and battery heaters for proper operation
16. Inspect engine and electrical safety shutdown devices
17. Inspect unit for excessive noise or vibrations
18. Inspect mounting bolts, brackets and coupling connections
19. Check, calibrate and record AC output Voltage & Frequency
20. Inspect engine, alternator and control wiring
21.Inspect and clear dampers, louvers and air intakes
22. Wipe down outside of generator and engine
23. Update via laptop computer, main controller OEM firmware as updates become available
Automatic Transfer Switch

24. Inspect for overheated power terminals and lugs
25. Inspect control board wiring and connections
26. Check and adjust exercise clock setting (as needed)
27. Inspect mechanical switchgear mechanism
28. Check time delays (as needed)
29. Perform power outage simulation w/ permission
The following recommended extended interval items will be quoted and billed if approved in addition to the PM service on an as needed basis. Our service coordinator will keep track and confirm during scheduling of PM service: 1. Replace engine battery (every 3-4 years); 2. Replace internal fuel hose (every 6-7 years); 3. Adjust exhaust and intake valves (every 300-400 hrs of run time, *mechanical valves only): 4. Replace ATS battery, if applicable (every 3-4 years). 5. Cooling system service (every 4-5 years, * Liquid-Cooled Generators Only)

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